Reagan's Name Continues to Spread: Backers Push for Moniker on Markers

Article excerpt

An airport and a federal building already bear former President Reagan's name, and if admirers get their way, California license plates and a plaza in Poland will too.

Grover Norquist, founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform and chairman of the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project, has called for naming a landmark in each state and in likely overseas sites after the 40th president.

And he is getting results.

The Marshall Islands parliament is officially requesting U.S. officials to rename a Kwajalein Atoll military installation the "Ronald Reagan Strategic Defense Initiative Test Site."

A New Jersey state legislator is trying to change the name of the town Clinton to Reagan.

Reagan fans in the California legislature are campaigning to put the former president's likeness on special $50 license plates.

And now a Polish group is pushing to give Warsaw's Central Square the Reagan name. It's currently called Constitution Square after the Communist Constitution of 1952.

"Reagan was the main author of the victory of the free world over the Evil Empire," said Solidarity Party Chairman Marian Krzaklewski in a letter accepting honorary patronage of the committee appointed to rename the square.

While Mr. Reagan never visited Poland, he provided support for the Solidarity party's revolt against Soviet-led Communist rule and imposed sanctions on the Communist government after a crackdown on the Solidarity movement in 1981.

Wednesday night, several protesters placed stickers bearing former Polish President Lech Walesa's name over 50 road signs, arguing that he, not Mr. Reagan, should be honored for toppling Communism. Plans for honoring Mr. Reagan are still under way, though.

In California, Tony Strickland, a Republican assemblyman from Thousand Oaks, argued, "The least we can do in California, which is Reagan country, is to have a license plate in his honor."

Several thousand people have already signed up to buy the plates, but the bill authorizing them has been stalled in the Senate by state Sen. …