Baltic States Still Face Threat from Russia; Deserve Membership in NATO

Article excerpt

At NATO's 50th-anniversary meeting this weekend in Washington, the Baltic States may get support for admission to the military alliance. There is no doubt that Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are pursuing Western policies, but they are unfortunately located at the border of the Russian federation.

Russian officials' assertion that NATO's expansion to the Baltic States will be divisive and force Russia to review its relations with NATO sounds hollow in view of Russia's role in the launching of the notorious Molotov-Ribbentrop pact some 60 years ago. Besides, Russian officials should realize that the Baltic States' drive to join NATO is a natural quest for security caused by the immense suffering under the Russian occupation.

Despite our post-Cold War partnership with Russia, its foreign policy is clearly anti-Western, anti-American and anti-NATO, as well as pro-Iraqi and pro-Serbian. Under these circumstances, it should be natural not to hide our feelings and support the admission of the Baltic States to NATO. …