Have Les Femmes De Verite Forgotten the Cardinal Virtue of Prudence?

Article excerpt

A few inaccuracies should be corrected to illuminate the interesting story on the Catholic protest theater of Les Femmes de Verite ("Catholic women battle tolerance of `sin and error,' " Nov. 11).

The inference was made that Bishop John Keating of Arlington is a conservative who forbids liturgical innovations. Although his excellency does not permit girls to be altar servers, he also does not allow the old Latin Mass that was the heart of worldwide Catholicism for more than 1,000 years. Since the traditional Catholic Mass is available in more than two-thirds of all American dioceses with the permission and encouragement of Pope John Paul II, Bishop Keating's animosity for Catholic heritage and preference for the most ruinous innovation of history, the 1960s Mass, undoubtedly qualify him as a liturgical liberal - not a conservative.

Despite the contention of the Rev. Bob Cilinski of George Mason University, Sister Helen Prejean is well known for her publicized views contrary to church teaching on the male-only priesthood, homosexuality, contraception and abortion. In an interview last year with Our Sunday Visitor, Sister Helen said the decision to have an abortion is ultimately a woman's and rarely do women have any real choice anyway - suggesting that abortion is often the only viable option. …