Al Gore Did Not Suggest Population Control as a `Cure'for Global Warming

Article excerpt

Thank you for your front-page coverage of Vice President Al Gore's remarks regarding the connection between population growth and climate change. The National Audubon Society believes that population growth is one of the most pressing environmental issues today. We believe domestic and international population-assistance programs, including voluntary family planning, are critical tools to help curb population growth.

To clarify Mr. Gore's remarks: He said family planning is an essential investment to enable people to have the children they want and can take care of as well as lead the country on a path to population stabilization.

Population stabilization is in the best interest of the United States. It is a vital key to achieving global political stability and environmentally sustainable development. International family-planning programs are essential for providing voluntary education and health services for men, women and children. Family-planning programs directly benefit the environment by helping men and women plan their families while decreasing population pressures on dwindling natural resources.

It is indisputable that population growth and the subsequent rise in resource consumption are damaging the environment. …