Honoring Ronald Reagan

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Already the new Jack Kent Cooke stadium has an affectionate nickname - "The Big Jack." Perhaps Washington National Airport will get a new nickname - "The Gipper" - if Sen. Paul Coverdale and Rep. Bob Barr are successful in their excellent effort to have National renamed to honor the 40th president of the United States. Mr. Coverdale has introduced S. 1297 in the Senate and Mr. Barr is sponsoring H.R. 2625 in the House: The bills would redesignate the airport in Alexandria, Va., as "Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport." The idea has also got some key local support: GOP Virginia gubernatorial candidate Jim Gilmore has endorsed the legislation.

The list of tributes to the great conservative president is growing. There is a Ronald Reagan bridge in Dixon, Illinois. The Simi Valley section of California's route 118 is known as the Ronald Reagan Freeway. Gwinnett County, Ga., has a Ronald Reagan Parkway. Drive the beltway around Cincinnati, and one rides on the Ronald Reagan Highway. The people of the "Little Havana" section of Miami have honored the anti-communist commander-in-chief with Ronald Reagan Ave.

Eureka College is home of The Reagan Center. And at George Washington University, the hospital is graced with the Ronald Reagan Institute of Emergency Medicine. That's where Mr. …