Landrieu Probe Faces Democratic Filibuster

Article excerpt

Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle warned yesterday that if Republicans don't end the probe into the Louisiana election that brought Democrat Mary L. Landrieu to Congress, he will begin stalling the legislative progress in the Senate.

"It will be our intention to selectively oppose committees meeting until we resolve the Landrieu matter," said Mr. Daschle of South Dakota. "That is first and foremost our priority in the coming days."

Mr. Daschle said it is a matter of fairness.

"Senator Landrieu has done everything right," he said. "I can't imagine that anybody should be held hostage the way she is."

Democrats have been urging the Senate to cease its investigation into allegations that fraud tainted the state's election results. Mrs. Landrieu defeated GOP candidate Woody Jenkins by 5,788 votes.

Sen. John W. Warner, Virginia Republican and chairman of the Rules Committee, took his staff to Louisiana during the August recess to conduct field hearings. It was widely believed that he would then announce that either he had had not found sufficient evidence to overturn election results, or that he had found troubling evidence and reveal it. …