Managed Health Care Provides for Cheap, Quality Medical Attention

Article excerpt

Violet Goodman's random wildfire of generalities against health maintenance organizations ("HMOs are great if you plan on staying healthy," Letters, April 23) deserves a precise response regarding the quality of medical care I receive from Kaiser Permanente, the current state of the art among HMOs.

I have been a recipient of a virtually unmatched level of quality medical care and quick access to it. In November 1995, at the age of 74, I ruptured my left Achilles' tendon chasing softball grounders batted out by a teen-age granddaughter on her school playground.

The incident occurred near normal close-of-business hours, on a weekend, no less. After a phone call to the emergency number available to all Kaiser Permanente members, I reported to its Falls Church medical facility. Within a half-hour a doctor had confirmed a complete tendon rupture. I was soon in a temporary cast and back in my recliner at home with an appointment for the following day at my regular facility in Springfield. I was assigned an orthopedic specialist, and a permanent cast was applied. …