Reconciling Capital Punishment and Abortion

Article excerpt

Should Timothy McVeigh die for what he did? Many of my conservative colleagues immediately say yes. I guess I could be labeled as a Christian Conservative too. However, even though I support the death penalty, (in the appropriate situations) my support is not as avidly zealous as others who are on the same side of the fence as I am. I don't see any evidence where it's wrong morally, ethically, or biblically and at the same time if McVeigh received life in prison, I wouldn't indignantly demand that the death penalty be sentenced on him. I must admit that I didn't lose a loved one in the notorious bombing either. I don't know if I would feel differently about the issue if that were the case.

An argument posed against capital punishment that even some religious conservatives have posed (as well as religious liberals) is that the Sixth Commandment states, "Thou shalt not kill." Therefore their conclusion is that the Sixth commandment is a commandment that blankets all forms of killing including capital punishment. If there are people of the Judeo-Christian faith who buy into this, they need to go back to Sunday school and open up their whole Bible because it was David who was applauded for killing Goliath and believe it or not, it was God Almighty himself who instituted capital punishment into Jewish Law. God Doesn't contradict himself, and in light of the Sixth Commandment and the Jewish death penalty, there is an obvious difference between cold blooded murder and capital punishment, respectively. The Bible prohibits the shedding of innocent blood and it's in this prohibition of the shedding of innocent blood where the proper application of the 6th commandment is exercised.

Some say that capital punishment sends a hypocritical message to society. They say it's wrong to take a person who has killed someone then turn around and kill that person by sentencing him or her to the death penalty. But again, I would like to reiterate, "There is a glaring difference between a cold- blooded murder and the taking of a life via the death penalty. …