GOP Says Clinton Knew of China Link

Article excerpt

Republican senators today will reveal evidence that the White House was tipped off about a close link between John Huang and Chinese interests before President Clinton recommended him for top jobs at the Commerce Department and the Democratic National Committee.

GOP aides said yesterday that the revelation will include several instances in which Mr. Huang, the elusive former Democratic fund-raiser, was recommended for jobs within the Clinton administration by executives at the Lippo Group, which is owned by James Riady and does substantial business in China.

And they said that during the continuing hearings into campaign-finance practices by the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, the evidence will include specific instances in which Mr. Huang continued to represent Lippo Group and its Chinese interests after he left his job at Lippo and went to work for the Commerce Department in 1994.

The most telling bit of evidence Republicans plan to unveil today involves a letter of recommendation from a close friend and associate of Mr. Riady's written to John Emerson, director of personnel at the White House, in behalf of Mr. Huang.

The letter, written in 1993, cites Mr. Huang's close ties to Mr. Riady and informs Mr. Emerson about the Riady family's "investment" in the Clinton-Gore re-election effort, according to the Republican aides.

One source described the woman who wrote the letter, Maeley Tom, as someone who is "very close" to the Riady family, "almost like one of their own." At the time, she was an administrative aide to California state Sen. David Roberti and wrote the letter on his letterhead. …