National Education Association Gives Us Less for More

Article excerpt

The Aug. 31 letter by Keith Geiger, president of the National Education Association (NEA), "Community involvement, not school choice, will improve education," would be hilarious if the subject were not so important and the statements put forth so wrong. The attempt to say "I'm for rain and good crops" while at the same time saying we can grow them in a dark, unventilated barn is just too much to take.

The growth in money and power of the NEA has been directly proportional to the decline in the standards and development of the students in their charge.

The first misstatement is "members of the National Education Association . . . have been beating the drum about parental involvement for years." The only time parental involvement is an essential ingredient is when parents support some policy passed down from the anointed officials (read educational bureaucrats) and help to plunder the public treasury. If there are any objections to silly, counterproductive rules, requirements or foolish budget items, then the essential ingredient is nonessential and is to be eliminated.

We all are aware of the effects of inflation. But the relationship between inflation and cost growth is not linear or acceptable. The unmanageable growth in administrative padding and other costs has eaten away at the resources necessary to be dedicated to classroom instruction and the production of student improvement. Everything else - from the car to the telephone - has improved in the past 40 years, except for public-school education. …