Extremist Animal Rights Organizations Often Exploit Animals

Article excerpt

Carla Bennett's comments are yet another example of why the animal rights movement presents such a great danger to human and animal well-being ("These two men have a stake in denouncing animal rights activists," March 12).

Fervent animal rights groups, of which PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is perhaps the most notorious, have declared war upon those who oppose their oppressive anti-social dictates. They are well aware that doctors such as Fred Goodwin and Adrian Morrison, who accurately describe the absurdity, the impossibility and the moral bankruptcy of the philosophy of the animal rights movement, are their most dangerous enemies ("Did he who made the lamb make PETA?" Feb. 17).

Past actions of the leaders of PETA (described in the book "Monkey Business" by PETA education coordinator Kathy Guillermo) reveal the group's dependence on criminal activities, propagandistic tactics and threats of violence to pursue its ill-conceived goals.

Anyone who has ever received a junk-mail solicitation for money from PETA has been subjected to a level of deceit that would rival that of the most prolific snake-oil peddler. Thus, the malicious attempts at character assassination made by Carla Bennett are standard fare for PETA. But truth is the greatest enemy of the animal rights movement, and as long as individuals such as Dr. Goodwin and Dr. Morrison courageously rebut PETA's lies, we can have faith that we will not fall prey to their sinister dishonesty. …