State Police Aid Capitol Heights Force

Article excerpt

In the town of Capitol Heights, population 5,000, police badges have multiplied this month.

And with more officers, arrests are up, and calls for help are down, a sure sign the beefed-up patrols are working, as Capitol Heights Police Chief William Harrison sees it.

The Capitol Heights Police Department's seven full-time officers have teamed up with 17 members of the Maryland State Police Violent Crimes Task Force to combat crime.

"They've had a tremendous impact," Chief Harrison said yesterday after a news conference at Town Hall.

Last year, the town racked up 10,000 calls for police help in the 9.2-square-mile area, with 818 calls placed in December.

In January, with the state police presence known, the town has received 75 calls, according to statistics released yesterday by the Police Department.

In two weeks this month the state police and town police arrested 12 persons, compared with eight during December.

The department has adopted a zero-tolerance policy, in which even the slightest infraction can land someone a citation. About a third of the people in 97 cars pulled over for traffic violations were arrested on outstanding warrants, Chief Harrison said. …