Homosexuality Is Not Inherited and Science Fiction Solutions Won't Help

Article excerpt

Ken Adelman, in his Jan. 13 column, "Nature vs. nurture in the policy debate," has swallowed the junk science contained in Chandler Burr's book "A Separate Creation: The Search for Biological Origins of Sexual Orientation" hook, line and sinker.

The book contains massive amounts of scientific information that is absolutely irrelevant to the question at hand. Two studies that are quoted have been discredited. Then, having proved absolutely nothing, Mr. Burr writes another article making the outrageous claim that "clinical research - all but universally accepted among biologists - [shows] that homosexuality is a biological trait."

In November 1995, an article ("Gay Genes, Revisited: Doubts Arise Over Research on the Biology of Homosexuality") published in Scientific American pointed out the two studies cited by Mr. Burr (Simon LeVay and Dean Hamer) had not been replicated by any other researchers. Furthermore, Mr. Hamer's research had been discredited by other studies and Mr. Hamer was "charged with research improprieties."

There is substantial evidence based on years of clinical experience that homosexuality is a developmental disorder. Every child has a healthy need to identify positively with the parent of the same sex, have same-sex friendships, a positive body image and a confident sexual identity. …