Small-Business Group Seeks Hill's Attention

Article excerpt

Big business, big mergers and big money continue to make headlines and capture lawmakers' attention. But small companies still make up 98 percent of businesses, employ 60 percent of the U.S. work force and supply two-thirds of new private-sector jobs.

Benjamin Cooper, the new chairman of the Small Business Legislative Council, intends to make those points well-known to the 105th Congress.

"The names of small businesses are not household ones, and, as a result, the Hill doesn't react as quickly or as early," Mr. Cooper said. "It gets a little frustrating at times, but I think [congressional treatment of small business] is improving."

The SBLC is a Washington-based permanent coalition of 106 small-business organizations. The groups represented range from the mammoth National Association of Realtors to the smaller Printing Industries of America in Alexandria, where Mr. Cooper is the senior vice president for government affairs.

In its 20 years, the coalition has lobbied Congress on taxation, employment issues, government procurement, antitrust enforcement and more. …