A Valuable Resource for On-Line Advertisers

Article excerpt

Professor Jeff Richards of the University of Texas Department of Advertising (http://advertising.utexas.edu/) has developed a site that is a must-visit for any business planning on starting a Web-commerce site.

His on-line Advertising Research Resource Center provides a plethora of reading material and information about - surprise - advertising and marketing.

"It's ironic, but the University of Texas Department of Advertising is one of the top programs in the world, but not many people know about it," said Mr. Richards. "So the site was developed as a resource for students [and] to help make the professional community more aware of the program."

The site provides 13 information headings. For the advertising professional or the new business owner, the university's white paper "About the Future of Advertising" provides basic information on the role, scope and power of effective advertising and marketing.

The site provides a Dictionary of Terminology that can help the browser understand the language of effective advertising, while the Advertising Slogan and Quotations areas can be used to create ad copy and/or a media sales kit.

The Advertising Law and Ethics pages provide issue discussions, First Amendment rights information, sections on the use of deception in advertising, the running of contests and advertising to children. There are plenty of links to related topics, including advertising-related Supreme Court decisions. A bibliography of speeches and articles related to commercial speech provides significant content for the advertising executive or student studying free-speech issues.

"Advertising is something that people feel they know because they have been surrounded by it for their whole lives. They take a lot for granted without understanding how it's done," said Mr. Richards. "We're trying to provide a site that's an equivalent to an introductory textbook to advertising."

Mr. Richards encourages people with suggestions to improve the site, or questions that he can answer, to e-mail him at advertising@mail.utexas.edu.


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