Abraham Lincoln

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BORN: Feb. 12, 1809 (Hodgenville, Hardin [now Larue] County, Ky.

DIED: April 15, 1865

PARTY: Republican

VICE PRESIDENT: Hannibal Hamlin (1861-1865) and Andrew Johnson (1865)

PHYSICAL: 6 feet 4 inches tall (he was the tallest president), 180 pounds

FAMILY: Wife, Mary Todd; sons, Robert, William ("Willie") and Thomas ("Tad")


Lincoln liked to read, go to the theater, play chess and share stories and jokes with his friends. He also spent a good many hours splitting wood. He was a man of great character and suffered a great deal personally to keep the United States united. PRESIDENTIAL FIRSTS

First president to be photographed at his inauguration (his second, in 1865).

In the photo, John Wilkes Booth can be seen standing close to Lincoln.

(John Wilkes Booth assassinated Lincoln in 1865).


Abraham Lincoln loved to tell jokes, poems and stories. He was quite famous during his time for replying to questions with "That reminds me of a story." Lincoln laughed and joked about politics, the Civil War and even himself. Lincoln was not considered very good-looking. When Sen. Stephen Douglas called him a "two-faced man," Lincoln replied: "I leave it to my audience. If I had another face, do you think I would wear this one? …