The United Nations Owes the U.S. Much More Than the U.S. Owes It

Article excerpt

Allow me to respond to James P. Muldoon Jr.'s Feb. 16 letter, "America refuses to put its money where its mouth is," which attacked Michael Kamburowski's Feb. 7 Op-Ed article, "A United Nations global tax? No way."

Mr. Muldoon obviously has been dealing with the United Nations and the Democrats for much too long. Your rhetoric sounds the same. Your defense of any moneys going to the United Nations is without merit. Mr. Muldoon claims that we must "pay what we owe for U.N. activities." Exactly what do we owe the United Nations? What has it done for the United States? Has it led the world in defending the defenseless? When Iraq invaded Kuwait, was it the United Nations that mobilized a global force? Did the United Nations send tens of thousands of its men and women into harm's way.

According to Mr. Muldoon, our "friends in the world are fed up with carrying the United States' $1.4 billion IOU." What about the tens of billions of dollars owed to the United states by our "friends." I am fed up with "carrying" the rest of the world. …