Mayors to Lead Coast-to-Coast Relay to Boost Organ and Tissue Donation

Article excerpt

In the spring and summer of 2000, from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge to the historic monuments of Washington, D.C., and crossing 6,000 miles in between, hundreds of mayors of large cities and small towns across America will join in an unprecedented effort to save lives.

The First Family Pledge Millennium Mayorthon, the first coast-to-coast mayoral relay, is being organized by the American Society of Transplant Surgeons (ASTS) and the American Red Cross. NLC is a supporter of the event.

The Mayorthon, which will establish a new Guinness World Record, will begin in San Francisco on April 16, 2000, continue on to a midsummer celebration in Chicago, and culminate with a grand finale in Washington, D.C. during Labor Day weekend.

Mayors including Willie L. Brown of San Francisco, Susan J. M. Bauman of Madison, Wisc., and Anthony A. Williams of Washington, D.C., have lent their support by appearing in a video news release to launch the event. More than 120 mayors, including Kirk Humphreys of Oklahoma City, Skip Rimsza of Phoenix, Tom Murphy of Pittsburgh, and Harriet Miller of Santa Barbara, have already signed up for the Mayorthon and more are signing up every day.

As they run, jog or walk through their communities, the mayors will be accompanied by transplant kids from their own hometowns -- kids who are alive and healthy because they received the gift of life. …