African Proverb Collages

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Writing assignments are usually a part of the motivation or closure process in most of our art lessons. In this lesson, however, students were to use writing as an inspiration to the art piece. We observed Asafo "war" flags created by the Fante people in Ghana, Africa. Meant to be a sort of warning symbol to possible enemies, these flags created by the Fante people illustrate African proverbs. The flags are visually stunning, many complete with bright colors and alternating geometric patterns. The fourth grade students selected African proverbs to illustrate using collage, The Fante artists use fabric for their designs. We used Tru-Ray fadeless construction paper for ours.

After selecting and deciphering a proverb, students used pencil and paper to create a thumbnail sketch of their design. They would be working on 12 x 18 (31 x 46 cm) black paper for the background color, and would also be required to create a geometric pattern for the border. …