Soviet History Strengthens Columnist's Argument

Article excerpt

It is surprising that David Satter's Oct. 29 commentary, "Anatomy of a massacre," so far has not provoked any discussion in the media. Mr. Satter argued convincingly that Chechens were not capable of organizing the blowing up of four apartment buildings in Moscow. In his opinion, those explosions have all the earmarks of having been carried out by specialists in the Russian military or security forces. It is understandable that this explosive issue is a hot potato that is too hot in the hands of politicians, but the media should have no reason not to discuss it.

There is another factor that strengthens Mr. Satter's arguments, although he did not mention it in his column, namely the Soviet Union's killing of its own people to achieve political ends. Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin , as a former KGB operative, may have made use of already proven KGB methods.

Shortly after the outbreak of World War II, Estonia accepted the Soviet Union's ultimatum and agreed to allow military bases for Soviet armed forces on its territory. Soviet Foreign Minister V.M. Molotov tried to increase the contingent of Soviet troops, already agreed upon, by pointing to a Tass report (Sept. …