Take a Ride with SuperCross Circuit

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Racing at Budds Creek never has been so close to home. Goose that engine, pull out a bit of nic-nac and style with a cliffhanger all over the hilly dirt track. Just don't forget to use the brakes.

The Southern Maryland motocross park is one of 21 authentic tracks on the newest game for the motorcycle circuit, 989 Sports' SuperCross Circuit. From the makers of the latest in the Cool Borders series, SuperCross is heavy on tricks as well as speed - and loads of fun.

The game features three modes: arcade, career and two-player season. Arcade mode simply is practice for the other modes, but winning enough races in career mode unlocks a free ride option in which a gamer competes using the 15 tricks on the game.

Still, the career and two-player modes are the most intriguing. On career, gamers can choose colors, bikes and sponsors for their racers before beginning competition on the local tracks. Series on the supercross and motocross tracks follow, and gamers can improve or fix their bikes with their winnings.

Two-player mode is slightly different. …