Site Puts Drugstore at Your Fingertips

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Money may make the world go around, but prescription drugs give the world's inhabitants a much better life. From the advent of penicillin to fight bacteria to the use of nitroglycerin pills to increase blood flow to the heart, pharmaceuticals have improved the quality of life and saved lives., a recent addition to the Internet, hopes to become the virtual mall of drugstores. With plenty of medical information, a truckload of prescription and nonprescription drugs and an on-duty pharmacist to answer questions, it may succeed.



CREATOR: Inc. created an on-line pharmacy and health care resource for consumers in October. The company's headquarters and fulfillment and distribution center are in Austin, Texas.

CREATOR QUOTABLE: "Founded by pharmacists and health care professionals, is dedicated to providing the products and information our customers need to better manage their health. We guarantee absolute security, privacy and confidentiality with all of our customers' orders and personal information," says Joe Rosson, president and CEO of

WORD FROM THE WEBWISE: The obvious consumer benefit of this site is the ability to fill prescriptions over the Internet. The Prescription Counter section of can fill as many as 20,000 orders on line per day at an average savings of 40 percent, and deliver them to the customer's door via standard, two-day or overnight delivery.

The creation of a new account, including personal information, billing and shipping details, and medical history, is required to use this service. Since requests a significant amount of data, visitors should read the site's privacy statements if they are uncomfortable with providing this much information.

Though a medical history is not required by law, the site must request the physician's name (for verification purposes), patient's gender, existing drug allergies or medical conditions, insurance information, an ID or Social Security number, and date of birth.

Besides prescription drugs, also features numerous virtual aisles containing more than 25,000 nonprescription drugs, supplements and health care products. Items can be found by product name, by searching for a specific symptom such as sleeplessness or just by browsing the alphabetical lists.

I was always jealous of people who owned a Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) - they had a great tool to decipher medical mumbo jumbo at their fingertips. …