Software Programs Drive PC Expo with Simplicity, Security

Article excerpt

NEW YORK - Every year I find something different at PC Expo, the annual computer show aimed at business users; this year is no exception. Unlike past years, where there's been a heavy emphasis on hardware, 1998's show, held here, showed some of its greatest promise in software programs.

Some quick takes:

Entrepreneurs and the rest of us who need business cards, letterhead, brochures and newsletters will rejoice at Corel Print Office, due in a few weeks and expected to fetch $69 in stores. This program is masterful in its simplicity and wonderful in its comprehensiveness. Featuring examples you can use and step-by-step instructions, you can become a design wizard, or at least extremely competent graphically, without many tears. At the show, Corel won cheers from the crowd for demonstrating this program, and I can understand why.

Also interesting is the combination of Corel's WordPerfect Suite 8 with Dragon Systems Naturally Speaking, a voice-recognition program which has won much praise, including in this space. The combo also is sold in a law-firm-friendly edition, sure to delight users in the legal profession. Among those in the crowd ogling the new WordPerfect package was a user who said the program had many features lacking in Microsoft Word; that, and the new integration with voice software, gives users a choice.

Corel's products don't often get as much attention as they should; you might want to investigate them. Information can be had at its Website ( Another big thing here is security, both for your data and your PC in general. On the data side, Network Associates, Inc. ( has released two products in its Pretty Good Privacy, or PGP, product line. One creates a protected segment of a computer's hard disk drive where files can be deposited. The other secures individual files and e-mail sendings. PGP has become a favorite of many, and the bane of some, but these products offer enhanced security. …