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Clinton says Rodman should apologize

President Clinton says he's "a big Dennis Rodman fan" but the Chicago Bulls star should admit what he did was wrong.

Clinton said he worries when famous athletes act destructively, as Dennis Rodman did when kicking a cameraman, because so many young people admire them.

"There are an awful lot of young people out there, particularly your boys and young men, who don't have immediate positive male role models who can contradict a lapse by an athlete . . .," Clinton told New York's WBIS-TV in an interview broadcast yesterday.

"There's lots of kids out there like that - real smart, real able, a little bit different - and they've got to be fascinated by him, so I hope he'll find a way to say that. . . . He might be able to help some young people if he just says, `That's something I shouldn't have done, I'm not going to do that any more,' " Clinton said.

Rodman in an interview on ABC's "Primetime Live" Wednesday said his kick was only a "tap." The Chicago Bulls forward said the kick landed on the cameraman's leg, not the groin as the injured man claimed.

"I apologized," said Rodman, who agreed to pay cameraman Eugene Amos $200,000. "But most people in the world would say he's acting."

* Carlos Rogers, the Toronto forward who is considering donating a kidney, left the team to join his sister in Detroit after she slipped into critical condition. Rene Rogers, 29, needs a kidney transplant. However, a hospital spokeswoman says she is not strong enough for the operation. The Raptors are still investigating what effects a kidney donation would have on Carlos Rogers' NBA career.

* Frank Brickowski, a forward and center for the Boston Celtics, had surgery on his right shoulder and is expected to be sidelined for four to six weeks.

* Minnesota rookie Stephon Marbury has been sent home for treatment of a leg injury suffered in Toronto. Marbury bruised a thigh Tuesday when the Timberwolves lost to the Raptors at SkyDome. …