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Representatives of the British Embassy have been invited to a memorial service of prayers at the Washington National Cathedral Saturday in remembrance of the life of Princess Diana.

"Mindful of the outpouring of grief by the American people and all those across the world who grieve in this time of loss, the service will include prayers of thanksgiving for the life of Princess Diana with prayers for her family, the families of others whose lives were lost in this tragic accident, and for all who mourn," explains the cathedral's Susan Harrison.

At the conclusion of the 1 p.m. service, the Washington Ringing Society, which is affiliated with the cathedral, will ring a half-muffled quarter-peal of the cathedral's bells in memory of the Princess of Wales. The muffled peal is traditionally performed for observances of the departed.


White House Deputy Press Secretary Joe Lockhart infuriated AIDS activists here in Washington yesterday after opining from Martha's Vineyard that first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and Princess Diana had "a confluence of interests," including for AIDS sufferers.

Steve Michael, Washington spokesman for the militant AIDS-advocacy group ACT UP, said: "I got to tell you that Hillary Clinton is a nightmare on AIDS, and for this administration to put her at the same level as Diana on AIDS issues shows a hypocrisy that I did not even think that even Hillary Clinton had.

"The woman that stood in the way of a real AIDS czar, the woman who has been in the way of our fights on health care, it is absolutely unbelievable the gall. I can't wait until her next public appearance when we zap her and expose her hypocrisy."


"If at the end of the day all we've done is lock up a few people - and I don't have any doubt that may occur - but if we have locked up a few people, but have not corrected the system . . . that spawns these illegalities, then we will not have done the job that needs to be done."

- Sen. John Glenn, Ohio Democrat, who sits on the Governmental Affairs Committee, commenting on C-SPAN yesterday about campaign-finance hearings set to resume today.


Is the Christian Coalition losing steam as a result of the resignation of Executive Director Ralph Reed?

Judging from the full slate of guest speakers addressing the coalition's annual conference and strategy briefing in Atlanta Sept. 12 and 13, we don't think so. …