Top Maryland Leaders Eye Plan for Internet Privacy, Business

Article excerpt

Maryland's top officials plan to introduce today a package of technology initiatives designed to increase Internet privacy and foster electronic commerce.

Gov. Parris N. Glendening, Speaker of the House Casper Taylor Jr., and state Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller Jr. will adopt much of a December plan drawn up by the Information Technology Board, a body set up by the General Assembly to explore ways of promoting the Internet in the state, said a senior state official.

That plan deals with such issues as privacy, Internet crimes and unsolicited bulk e-mail, called spam.

The board's plan perhaps will have its greatest effect on consumers by making it illegal to access a computer without authorization, and making it easier for law enforcement officials to retrieve evidence, the report said.

One state Senate official who asked to remain anonymous said the proposals are not unique to Maryland, but will keep the state in step with developing technology.

"We're not inventing the wheel," the official said, noting that lawmakers and business people expected these initiatives.

The technology board's plan also reinforces the state's privacy statutes by outlining a number of concepts governing privacy. …