Football: Perhaps in a Previous Life Craig Brown Was William Wallace; Where the Boss Says We'll Be Well Rewarded ... in the Next Life: WELL, THEY BOTH BROUGHT THE BEST OUT OF DEPLETED TARTAN ARMIES!

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I DON'T know whether the slight limp of Craig Brown is his punishment for indiscretions in a previous life. But if it is he must have been William Wallace, Rob Roy McGregor or Rabbie Burns.

Only a Braveheart, patriot or a romantic poet would appear to have the required spirit of survival as Scotland's international football coach.

Fortunately the media, club managers, his SFA masters and the fans recognise that, and support him through thick and thin.

Craig, whose knee injury was sustained with Dundee during their glory years in the early 60s and finished his playing career at an early age, has taken Scotland to the European finals in England in 1996 and the World Cup Finals in France last year.

With extremely limited resources he has been a success through 48 games.

He has been envious of the quality players and many options available to Glenn Hoddle. But his envy stopped there. I haven't spoken to Craig about the dismissal of Hoddle after his daft remarks concerning disabled people, which had England in astonishing uproar and even had the British Prime Minister Tony Blair pitching in his tuppence worth.

But I can see that wry smile and the wee shake of the head.

Reincarnation? Karma? Craig is more concerned about finding 11 fit players to beat Bosnia and the Czech Republic next month. …