Dando Case Expert to Help Murder Hunt

Article excerpt

JILL DANDO murder hunt criminal psychologist Dr Adrian West has been called in to help solve the killing of Ballykelly teenager Jonathan Cairns.

Jonathan,18, was beaten to death and his body left in a shallow grave on Sunday April 25 at Loughermore Forest, five miles from his home at Ballykelly, Co Londonderry.

Dr West has spent three days in Northern Ireland and he has provided the RUC with a psychological profile of the killer of the apprentice electrician.

The Hampshire-based expert has already provided Scotland Yard with a profile of the type of person he believes shot dead the BBC television presenter Jill Dando on her own London doorstep.

RUC Detective Superintendent Colville Stewart, who is heading the Limavady-based murder investigation, said:"I decided to seek the assistance of a criminal psychologist because of the highly unusual circumstances surrounding the death of Jonathan.

"The RUC has a good record for solving domestic murders and I was confident we would have a result within a week or so. It has been more difficult than we expected. We are still baffled by a number of aspects of the murder, particularly the reason why the killer undressed Jonathan after he was dead and left his clothes close to his home.

"There is no evidence that the attack was sexually motivated. …