DANDRUFF JUSTICE; Wife Faced Allergy Shock from 'Deadly'shampoo Entire Court Is Banned from Wearing Fragrances Trial Delay as Accused Ex-Hubby Washes out Hair Gel

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A SHERIFF, lawyers and a jury were banned from wearing toiletries, fragrances and deodorants so a woman with a potentially-deadly allergy could face her ex-husband in court yesterday.

No one was allowed to eat peanuts before Heather Brown appeared.

And the trial was held up for 45 minutes while the accused, her ex Colin Slane, washed gel out of his hair.

Two male reporters were refused entry to the courtroom because they were wearing aftershave and a woman writer was barred because she could not be sure her lunchtime snack was nut free.

Mr Slane, 28, is accused of endangering the life of his ex-wife by smearing shampoo onto a door handle at her home in January last year.

The former soldier, from Dundee, is also accused of spitting in Ms Brown's face, and jumping on her car in August 1998.

He denies the charges and insisted he saved her life on several occasions when she suffered attacks as a result of her allergies.

He said: "I've lived with her as she is having these attacks. It is quite frightening."

As a result of the charges, Slane, is under an interdict not to go within 100 yards of Ms Brown's home.

Yesterday, a jury at Dundee Sheriff Court listened as Ms Brown revealed she suffered from allergic reactions to many household substances.

Earlier the court heard that during a video-taped interview at Tayside Police's Dundee headquarters, Mr Slane at first denied being near his former wife's home on the night of the 22nd January.

Instead he claimed he'd been to football before going to the pub and had been nowhere near the house because of the interdict. …