Meadows Saved for Nature Conservation

Article excerpt

A LONG-running battle over meadowland in west Birmingham has finally been resolved now valuable nature conservation land has been legally passed into the city council's hands.

The dispute over 43 acres of Quinton Meadows, which border the Quinton Expressway and the M5, has raged for several years.

Conservationists and councillors have battled to protect part of the site which is known as a Site of Local Interest for Nature Conservation.

The eight-acre nature conservation site has formed part of a land swap deal

with developers St Modwen. The company has now given the land to the council in exchange for 18 acres of former farmland, which it can develop.

Late last year during a heated public meeting, more than 200 people voted unanimously for the council to halt plans to save the SLINC site and fight to keep the large piece of farmland instead.

Conservationists believed the farmland could be enhanced and brought up to the standard of the nature conservation area.

But the land has been legally exchanged and St Modwen plans to start development work on the 18 acres before the end of the year. …