She's a Medical Ethics Girl; LIFE SUPPORT, Monday, BBC1, 9.30pm

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THIS week, Medical Ethicist, Katherine (Aisling O'Sullivan) puts her career at risk when she is called as a prosecution witness during the murder trial of Elaine MacKenzie (Jackie Kane).

Not only is her father John Doone QC (Richard Wilson) on the opposing side, she is being cross examined by ex- lover James McConnell (Gilbert Martin), who unnerves her with persistent questioning about her views on euthanasia.

Student Sally Rivers (Georgina Sowerby), asks Katherine to intervene when a woman on the maternity ward refuses a Caesarean.

Meanwhile, closer to home, Alison (Julie Graham) has fallen for the guy she met in the supermarket. When their noisy sexual activities become too much for Katherine to bear, she calls James but she's shocked when Bethan (Lorraine MacIntosh), his ex- girlfriend, answers the phone. James seems to have filled the gap Katherine left in his life pretty quickly ...

FILMof the week: THE KILLING FIELDS, Sunday, CH4, 12.25am

THIS powerful film is a moving account of the horrors of the Khmer Rouge regime after the fall of Pnomh Penh in 1975.

Sam Waterston plays Sydney Schanberg, a New York journalist, who leaves Cambodia - and his friend and aide - Dith Pran (Dr Haing S. …