Sex Zone: Let's Talk about Sex with Lisa Jewell

Article excerpt

LISA Jewell turned to writing after losing her secretarial job in a shirt-making firm two years ago. Her first novel, Ralph's Party (Penguin, pounds 5.99), has been snapped up for a TV film.

She has lived with her partner Jascha Gordon, a computer programmer, for four years. Here she shares her passionate secrets.

Who was your first boyfriend?

My pen pal, Chris Lofting. He was 23 and I was 14. We were both Altered Images fans.

Describe your first kiss.

It was with him and it was horrible. I thought we were just friends, then he kissed me and it was unexpected and unpleasant.

Your most passionate kiss?

I ended up with a big scab on my chin. It was an Italian with 4am stubble at a party.

Who first broke your heart?

James Warne, when I was 21, dumped me after two years, then came back and dumped me another three times.

Describe your first sexual experience.

I was eight. It was with Ralph Fowler, in a caravan. Not touching - just showing each other, with my younger sister looking on, quite disgusted. I was 18 when I "lost it" and it was lovely. …