ART & SOLD; Modern Sculptors Set out to Woo the High Street

Article excerpt

FORGET pickled cows, elephant dung, two boys fighting on an unmade bed...

Modern art isn't all outlandish - as a unique alliance between Homebase and The Tate Gallery sets out to prove.

This collaboration between modern art and a DIY chain is the brainchild of Professor Colin Painter, former Principal of Wimbledon School Of Art.

He says: "Its aim was to make contemporary art available to all. For a long time now, galleries have been quite forbidding. You need to press a doorbell to enter, for example, and prices have been high - factors that helped keep it out of the public domain.

"Everyone has art in their homes, such as pictures on a wall. But what they have is not contemporary because that's not accessible."

Now, thanks to this project, it is - in the form of appealing, affordable designs that you can buy in the High Street. Under the project, nine leading British sculptors, of international renown, were asked to go into real homes, get a feel for how things are used, then design something that would make a positive contribution to everyday life. …