SERB KILLERS GASSED KLA; Milosevic Launches Chemical Warfare Attacks in Kosovo

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SERB tyrant Slobodan Milosevic has launched chemical weapon attacks against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo, it was revealed yesterday.

Victims have been treated for blister wounds caused by what's thought to be mustard gas.

The disturbing news came after the Chief of Defence Staff, General Sir Charles Guthrie confirmed Yugoslavia stockpiled chemical weapons during the Cold War.

Milosevic is said to be finding it hard to persuade his troops to fight with hundreds deserting every day.

The chemical weapons reports were backed up by a Scottish mercenary who fought with the Kosovo Liberation Army and claims to have survived a Serbian nerve gas attack.

The former British soldier, identified only as Mike, says he saw six KLA soldiers fall to the ground after coming under fire in south-west Kosovo.

Mike, who served with the Black Watch for five years, said: "The Serbs have taken so many casualties they have resorted to chemical warfare.

"I saw six KLA soldiers fall to the ground. I immediately put on my gas mask because these things are drilled into you by the British Army."The gas was delivered by artillery fire and the shells were landing 150 yards away from us."

Mike, of Perth, volunteered to help train the Delta Force Commandos.

But he returned home this week in fear of his life after falling foul of a rival KLA faction.

He painted a devastating picture of ill-trained KLA troops using old, rusty weapons. Mike said he was promised the best of weapons to train the troops but was given old World War II rifles.

He said volunteers with little or no experience were sent to the frontline after just three days training.

Mike and another former British soldier decided to leave Kosovo but claimed the KLA left them high and dry as they tried to get out of Albania.

They claim a rival KLA faction held them at gunpoint and people in London who were supposed to help them didn't want to know.

Eventually, they were bailed out by the KLA and returned to Britain on Monday.

Mike's first-hand account of chemical weapons has been verified by the KLA who claim there have been other attacks in recent days. …