A Measure of Success; There Are Now More Career Opportunities and Better Rewards in the Hospitality Trade

Article excerpt

Students don't usually need much encouragement to go to the pub.

But on this occasion, the pub management companies are coming to students.

It is in the hope of recruiting bright graduates into their retail and pub management programmes.

Allied Domecq, Bass and Scottish & Newcastle were just a few of the big names who recently rolled up to the Hotel School at Strathclyde University, as part of the Bar Nation recruitment drive which is targeting universities across Scotland.

The rise in the leisure and service culture means that careers in the hospitality industry are now offering more tempting wages and prospects for bright graduates.

David Brotherton, human resources manager for Allied Domecq Inns, said: "Most students will already be pretty familiar with pubs of ours like the Firkins through drinking there.

"What we are doing with these fairs is showing graduates and undergraduates some of the many opportunities that lie on the other side of the bar.

"It's not only an exciting career but the rewards can be substantial, with some of our top area managers earning in excess of pounds 30,000 in just a few years. "

One graduate who is reaping the rewards is Sheila Tulloch, 26, from Inverness.

She is a zoology graduate from Aberdeen University but has found her natural habitat as an area manager- for Allied Domecq and last year lifted the tide of area manager in Scotland.

She describes the pub industry as a very entrepreneurial culture where there are plenty of opportunities to develop a career quickly, if you are prepared to give it your all.

On the downside, the hours are unsociable But it's a young industry where you can enjoy a good social life among colleagues. Sheila also praises Allied Domecq for being quick to reward those who work hard with further responsibility and challenge. …