Just the Job: Career Change Can Blow Away Blues

Article excerpt

For every single-minded achiever born knowing that they want to be a politician or run a multi-national conglomerate, there are thousands of people who labour over their career path and find out what they want to do the hard way.

Often this involves falling first into employment that they find boring, difficult or worse.

However, for those of you who can identify with this, there is no time like the present to move on. Now that you have had your summer break to reflect on your job, there should be few reasons why you can't knock those Monday morning blues on the head.

To give you the courage to make that life change, remember that moving to the profession or occupation of your dreams can be a revitalising and financially rewarding experience. I am constantly coming across people in all of the recruitment sectors that we deal with in property, education, legal and accountancy that can vouch for this.

For example, one of the solicitors that we have on our books started her professional life in the field of public relations. Although she had achieved one of her career aims, which was linked to salary, she felt she was unsuited to her role and, consequently, dreaded going into work each day.

Two weeks on a beach in Barbados seven years ago changed her life, as she was given the opportunity to remove herself from the day-to-day grind and really analyse what she wanted to do with the rest of her life.

The following September she enrolled on a law course at Birmingham Polytechnic, as it was then, and has never looked back. She is now an extremely well-paid legal professional and more than happy with her life-change decision. …