YOUR VIEWS; Keep Our Cemeteries and Our History Sacred

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The city council is intending to tidy up St Paul's Cemetery, Holbrook Lane and I am afraid that a great deal of value in the history of the area will be lost, particularly as most of the younger generation moved away after 1930 and may be unaware that their family graves are under scrutiny.

Memorials near the gatehouse commemorate such men as Henry Matterson, founder of the ironmonger's and a mayor of Coventry, Thomas Bethell, owner of the factory in Boston Place, Thomas Knight, chairman of the Foleshill School Board and Arthur Day, the well-known nurseryman who helped many good causes.

Near the centre of the cemetery is the ``Speedway Rider'' memorial to Tommy Farndon, the speedway champion who died tragically in 1935.

However, there are many gravestones in poor condition, that of Alfred Warren, secretary of the Foleshill Charity Cup competition, which has just celebrated its centenary, W H Grant, owner of the ribbon factory in Lockhurst Lane who became Mayor of Coventry, and Joseph Carpenter who, with Cllr Grant, organised the Lilywhite Sports between 1898 and 1932.

If these stones were moved away to make room for the mower they would lose their meaning.

Gordon A Cowley,

Winsford Avenue, Allesley Park.

Ticket madness

I have been a Sky Blues supporter for more than 30 years and a season ticket holder for most of them.

I purchased two season tickets for myself and my son in June last year, at Pounds 390 each.

But it seems being a loyal supporter counts for nothing when it comes to cup tickets.

I queued from 10.15am on Thursday, January 7 for 1 hours. Then just outside the ticket office to be told the Cup game on January 23 against Leicester was sold out.

Then on Saturday I found out that people put their vouchers and money for cup tickets in the office letter box on Wednesday, January 6 afternoon and the club posted them back.

On Sunday I was infuriated when a customer of mine asked me had I got cup tickets.

He then smugly said ``I've got mine.'' He is an executive club member.

Can it be right that he's on the same playing field when it comes to obtaining cup tickets?

Come on Sky Blue bosses start looking after loyal supporters. …