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East Anglia

NORWICH AND NORFOLK MILLENNIUM PROJECT: This project links three primary facilities - a millennium library, a business and learning centre and a heritage attraction - around a new urban square, creating a major new civic meeting place within the historic city centre of Norwich. Total project cost: pounds 61,038,000. Maximum grant: pounds 30,069,000.

East Midlands

NATIONAL SPACE SCIENCE CENTRE: This project will provide the nation with an exciting and unique education and leisure facility based on space science. The scheme comprises four key elements - the Exhibition Centre, the Millennium Dome, the Challenger Learning Centre, and the Research Centre. Total project cost: pounds 46,500,000. Maximum grant: pounds 23,250,000.

Greater London

TATE GALLERY OF MODERN ART, LONDON: Tate Gallery - to establish a new national art gallery enabling the Tate's modern collection to be housed on a permanent basis and as a corollary, the British collection to be better displayed at Millbank. Total project cost: pounds 130,000,000. Maximum grant: pounds 50,000,000.

BRITISH MUSEUM GREAT COURT: The renovation and roofing of the Great Court at the heart of the British Museum. Total project cost: pounds 94,100,000. Maximum grant: pounds 30,000,000.


INTERNATIONAL CENTRE FOR LIFE: This landmark project for the North-East is a science with research venture which combines a high-tech visitor centre with research facilities and commercial developments. It will enhance Newcastle's world reputation in the field of genetic research. Total project cost: pounds 54,000,000. Maximum grant: pounds 27,000,000.

North West

LOWRY CENTRE: For a waterfront complex in Salford Quays to include a 1,650-seat Lyric Theatre, a gallery to present works by the artist L S Lowry, a children's hands-on gallery and a National Industrial Centre for Virtual Reality. Total project cost: pounds 96,400,000. Maximum grant: pounds 15,650,000.

MANCHESTER MILLENNIUM QUARTER: This regeneration project will create a new cultural quarter in the centre of Manchester and will consist of four new features - the Urbis Centre, Locus (cathedral visitor centre), Exchange Square and City Park. Total project cost: pounds 41,000,000. Maximum grant: pounds 20,000,000.

THE NATIONAL DISCOVERY PARK, CHAVASSE PARK, LIVERPOOL: Liverpool Millennium Consortium - the concept is built around the rapid growth in IT, broadcasting and multi-media linked with public discovery, training, education and leisure. Total project cost: pounds 91,400,000. Maximum grant: pounds 27,000,000.

South East

THE RENAISSANCE OF PORTSMOUTH HARBOUR: Portsmouth and Southeast Hampshire Partnership - harbour development focusing on creation of an international maritime leisure complex. Total project cost: pounds 85,781,002. Maximum grant: pounds 40,000,000.

THE MILLENNIUM SEED BANK, THE ROYAL BOTANIC GARDENS, KEW (WAKEHURST PLACE): To collect 25,000 species of UK and worldwide flora and freeze them for conservation. Total project cost: pounds 72,491,500. Maximum grant: pounds 29,897,500.

South West

BRISTOL: A landmark project for the South-West. Major attractions Explore and Wildscreen will be surrounded by squares and city spaces. Total project cost: pounds 82,700,000. Maximum grant: pounds 41,300,000.

THE EDEN PROJECT, CORNWALL: For a world class landmark project which will demonstrate and explore the relationship between plants and humans. Total project cost: pounds 106,000,000. Maximum grant: pounds 37,150,000.

West Midlands

MILLENNIUM POINT: BIRMINGHAM: A world class centre of technology and learning. There will be four elements: the Discovery Centre will integrate new multi-media technologies with an historic centre of excellence for technology and innovation; the University of the First Age will provide a new learning experience for up to 90,000 young people in the West Midlands; The Hub will link the component parts and contain numerous facilities including shops, an IMAX and conference facilities. …