Nuclear Blast from Douglas; Blair Urged to Foster Disarmament

Article excerpt

Britain should campaign for nuclear disarmament or risk rows between countries becoming a 'death warrant' for the world, film star Michael Douglas warned last night.

In a speech at Westminster, the Hollywood actor told MPs that three international treaties governing nuclear stockpiles risked 'coming apart.'

He suggested that Prime Minister Mr Tony Blair could show some 'leadership' and call global talks on the issue.

Making his appeal to the all-party Parliamentary Group for Non-proliferation and Global Security, Mr Douglas warned that the Cold War threat from nuclear weapons was still present. He said Russia and China had warned Washington's 'prospective adoption' of a 'Star Wars' missile defence system would cancel a missile treaty and could increase confrontation with the US.

Mr Douglas, a United Nations ambassador for nuclear disarmament, said: 'Three key arms control treaties are in danger of coming apart at a time when more material for making weapons of mass destruction is available worldwide than ever before.'

He said: 'The horrific prospect opens up a world of nuclear anarchy, where any feud between countries could degenerate into a death warrant for the entire planet.'

Mr Douglas said Britain was 'uniquely placed' to call for cuts in nuclear arsenals because of its special relationship with the US and Mr Tony Blair's personal reputation.

He urged the Prime Minister to speak at a conference on nuclear disarmament, the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, in New York in May. …