Your Honour: United - We Can Travel a Long Way; Christopher Bulman, a Prime Mover in Local and National Traffic Management, Received the OBE for Services to the Community

Article excerpt

Christopher Bulman, 54, of Brocton, Staffordshire, was awarded an OBE for services to the community and to transport locally as well as on a regional and national basis.

The award, in the Queen's New Year Honours, came as a result of the last ten years of work for Staffordshire County Council, guiding and and planning the local transport policy and for West Midlands and national committees.

Most notably, Mr Bulman chaired the West Midlands Regional Forum of Local Authorities, developing and publishing a paper called "Accessibility and Mobility".

The paper was basically a set of ideas and strategies to use for solutions in local traffic planning. The plan has since proved efficient and served as inspiration for and was reflected in the national "White Paper on Transport", published by the Government last year.

"'Accessibility and Mobility' was published some time before the White Paper, and when that came out, it was obvious, that our ideas were reflected in the Paper. We were the only ones who actually published anything of that nature, and had it adopted by a local authority."

Mr Bulman has no illusions about the difficulties caused by heavy traffic and the massive number of private cars causing jams on the roads, but he believes in the maxim "fewer promises made, more promises kept".

"When dealing with transport problems it is important not to be dreaming, you've got to come up with some deliverable ideas.

"My major hands-on role has been to bring together those people involved. You have to use a delicate mix of forcefulness and compromise if you want to get anywhere - look for a compromise and then push it.

"We managed to unite the effort in Staffordshire and get everybody to work together. That, I think, was probably my biggest achievement."

Mr Bulman's career in transportation goes back to 1966, when he graduated from university with a degree in civil engineering and joined local government in North Riding, Yorkshire. In 1971 he qualified as a chartered engineer.

From 1982-1987 he worked as deputy county surveyor for North Yorkshire County Council, before moving to Staffordshire in 1988 to become deputy county surveyor and then county surveyor. …