Voice of Scotland; Men Can't Interfere in Women's Health

Article excerpt

I agree with Silicone Support Group founder Margo Cameron that it is wrong for men to preach about breast implants.

To have an all-male panel investigating the safety of breast operations is absolutely ludicrous. This is an issue which affects women and should take women's opinions into consideration.

Women have died because of adverse reactions to implants, yet these men refuse to ban them. The whole thing sickens me. - K. Smith, Dunfermline.

Unhealthy view

I resent the comments from the reader who claimed that nurses and doctors are the main cause of cross infection in hospitals.

As a nurse, I know that nurses and doctors do wear their working attire during meal breaks, but this is mainly due to the fact that they are only allowed 30 minutes for breaks.

Wards today are not cleaned as thoroughly as they were in the past because of cutbacks and private tendering. - Name and address supplied.

Culture shock

I think Edinburgh Fringe Festival organisers are sick to even consider showing a play about Moors murderer Myra Hindley. This evil woman has no place in a festival that is a celebration of culture. - S. McCall, Kirkcaldy.

Record timing

I'm just back from holiday in Spain and I was so pleased that I could buy the latest Daily Record while I was away. Up until now, I've only been able to get a copy from the previous day when abroad. Now I can keep right up to date with all the news at home. - L. Cooper, Ayr.

Labour of love

SNP supporters are voting for a party that has no policies, except to score points over the present Government.

At least New Labour are trying to deal with this country's problems. They have reduced VAT on heating bills, given everyone on Income Support [pound]5 towards their heating bills, and are giving pensioners [pound]10 per week extra next April. Surely we should welcome their efforts.- B. McIvor, Glasgow.

Bags of nerve

My nine-year-old grand-daughter was staying with me for a week and broke her heart when she left her bag on a Rutherglen bus. …