I HATE THIS EVIL BEING; Mother's Anger at Murder of `Beautiful' Jennifer

Article excerpt

THE mother of strangled disco girl Jennifer King yesterday pleaded for the killer to be found, saying: "We have got to help police catch this evil, evil being."

Margaret King and husband Ray braved a news conference to speak with heartbreaking eloquence about their daughter - and their determination to see the murderer brought to justice.

Choking back sobs, Mrs King, 50, said only the ordeal of having to formally identify 22-year-old Jennifer had given them the strength to talk to the world.

She said: "Jenny was a beautiful girl, inside and out, a caring, loving generous girl and always such a good daughter to me and her father.

"She never gave us a minute's cause for concern in her entire life. Even when she was a baby, she was so good.

"This is what is so dreadful about this - we never had to reprimand her for doing things wrong when she was little.

"So for her short life to have ended in this so very brutal way is dreadful.

"She must have been so very frightened. I wasn't there this time to help her."

In a radio interview, she said of the killer: "I hate him and want him caught. There will never ever, ever be any forgiveness in my heart towards him."

The "maximum penalty" must be meted out to him.

Mr King, also 50, told tearfully of his Jen in the sort of words he must have used to soothe her as a baby.

"Jenny Wren, Jennifer Louise, my little summer breeze, is no longer with us. She has been taken away without her express permission.

"Yesterday my wife and I formally identified the body of our dear Jenny.

"Can you imagine the gut-wrenching sense of loss and grief encountered when entering the room, hoping against hope we would find her - a smiling, loving, warm and chattering daughter - to find only a cold, battered and lifeless form before us.

"I challenge each and every one of you out there, if you dare, to close your eyes for just a few seconds and imagine yourself being in that situation. It is your worst nightmare.

"I firmly believe now that there can be no greater sense of loss than the death of a child who had everything in the world to look forward to." Mr King spelled out his hatred for the murderer. "I feel absolute anger, seething deep within me.

"I may not look like it from the outside, but it is a primeval instinct. I want an eye for an eye - I cannot deny that.

"We have got to keep within the spirit of the law.

"Look at your young children tonight and imagine what you would do and how you would cope if it happened to you.

"Children aren't just children when they are children, they are children for life - and one of ours has been taken away.

"Anyone that met Jen will know Jen as a warm, kind, fun person to be with and everyone who met Jen, and knew Jen, would have loved Jen.

"I am sure they would agree that the world has lost a person who is irreplaceable."

The Kings were speaking at Warmley community centre, Bristol, where Jennifer worked as a part-time barmaid in addition to her receptionist's job.

Her partly-clothed body had been found on Tuesday only a few hundred yards away in a children's woodland den. She had been missing since leaving Chasers nightclub at 2am on Saturday.

At one stage during the news conference, Mr King could not continue and buried his head in a handkerchief.

Mrs King, with a supportive left hand on his shoulder, said in whispered words that this "thing - I will not use the word person - must be found". She added: "Please help us find him. There is no way she would have agreed to anything.

"There is no way she wouldn't have fought for her life, she had too much to live for.

"During those last moments, I cannot try to imagine how terrified she must have been.

"No adjective, no word anyone could ever say, can describe how we feel at the moment. …