MEET THE PONY THAT DRINKS PINTS DOWN THE BLACK HORSE; Sonnet the Welsh Cob Has a Thirst for Life as a Human

Article excerpt

WHO'S the new regular at the Black Horse who never says neigh to a pint? It's Sonnet the PONY.

The seven-week-old foal likes nothing better in the evening than an episode of EastEnders followed by a pint of bitter at her local.

And at closing time she climbs on to the back seat of owner Samantha Cole's tiny Peugeot 205 for the ride home.

The Welsh cob pony had her first taste of ale when Samantha, of Great Durnford, Wilts, was walking her round the village to strengthen her legs.

Samantha, who has hand-reared Sonnet since her mother rejected her, said: "I know the landlord John Clancy really well so one day when I fancied a drink I just took Sonnet in with me.

"She really made herself at home. She stood at the bar and John got her some water but she turned her nose up at that.

"Then he poured her a pint of Salisbury best bitter and she pretty much drank it in one.

"She just stuck her tongue in the glass and polished it off.'

Since then Sonnet has become the pub's official mascot.

Landlord John is having a personal tankard made for her.

John said: "I was amazed when Sonnet came in but she seemed very happy.

"She obviously didn't like the water I offered her so I pulled her a pint. She was very keen on it. She's a great one for bar snacks, especially salt-and-vinegar crisps and nuts. …