Alec Was Aggressive - He'd Even Sledge the Teachers Says the England Captain's Games Master!

Article excerpt

ALEC Stewart showed the edge required to make it as an England cricketer from an early age - when he began sledging his teachers in the staff v pupils showdown.

Martin Williams, Stewart's games master at Tiffin Boys School in Kingston on Thames, recalls: "Alec gave as good as he got.

"He was always prepared to give it a bit of chat if necessary, particularly in the staff match. That didn't go down too well with some of the teachers!"

The new England captain hasn't changed. Williams adds: "He was always immaculate in everything he did at school.

"He always had that determination to get to the top - though players like Gregor Kennis, who was at Tiffins with Alec, made more runs at school. But Gregor has just been released by Surrey whereas Alec is now England I always felt he would be.

"He was captain here in his last year when he not only led the side, but kept wicket and batted at No 3, just as he is going to do for England. People looked up to him because of his ability and I am sure he will be the same for England."

Williams is not in the least worried about how Stewart will handle the pressures of captaincy. "He will come across well to both the Press and the public, he has natural PR skills - and he shaves," he says. …