PowerGen Leads the Way Forward; Energy Buyers to Access Services Via Internet

Article excerpt

PowerGen, one of the world's leading independent electricity and gas businesses, set out it's vision of the way ahead for energy buyers during the company's conference at the International Convention Centre, Birmingham, yesterday.

The conference, held in conjunction with this year's Nemex, is a highlight of energy managers' calendars and attracted over a hundred customers interested to hear the latest developments in the deregulated electricity and gas markets.

The conference marks the conclusion of a year that has seen PowerGen reaching out to customers across the UK - and even in Europe - to find out what buyers want from an energy supplier, and to meet those needs with a continuous programme of new product a nd service developments.

During his keynote speech, PowerGen's Industrial and Commercial Sales Manager Nick Horler said the company would stand out from the competition by delivering unrivalled service and products to help energy buyers get the best deal.

"In both gas and electricity, we have to work hard to keep the product away from being an undifferentiated commodity, by ensuring that your purchase decision is based on something more than just price alone," he told customers.

"We have a specific product development process built around the five pillars of research, idea generation, product development, electronic communication and measurement. It was this process that created our products Profiler and Ergon."

He added that the company was dedicated to delivering the same high level of service and account management to gas customers that PowerGen had successfully been providing to electricity customers. The company would do this by "focusing on the basics in g as ... data quality, accurate invoicing and improved account management". The result would be a sales force of duauel account managers able to sell both gas and electricity in a way that would add value to customers' operations, supported by a range of p roducts such as Gas Profiler, energy management software developed by PowerGen.

According to PowerGen's research, customers want five key elements from an energy supplier: clear and accurate bills; flexible billing and payment; usage data and analysis; energy management services; and electronic communication - Internet and Electroni c Data Interchange (EDI). …