ROW OVER COUNCIL JOBS PLAN; Ethnic Groups Fill Fewer Top Posts - Report

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BIRMINGHAM'S largest employer may reserve a third of its top jobs for ethnic minorities only, it was revealed today.

The controversial recruitment policy is being supported on the heels of a secret consultancy study revealing that despite millions of pounds spent on race and equality initiatives, the city council's payroll is still failing to mirror the racial make up of the city. Overall only 17 per cent of the employees on the city's 46,700 payroll are from black and ethnic minorities - and they are concentrated in the lowest paid jobs.

Researchers predict by 2000 half of all the children in Birmingham's schools will be from an ethnic minority background. The ethnic percentage slumps even more in an analysis of the council's 3,600 white collar jobs carrying a salary of pounds 22,000 and upwards. The ethnic minority share of them is less than ten per cent.

White collar

The breakdown of the 359 white collar ethnics shows that 43 per cent are Afro Caribbeans - and nearly 70 per cent of those are women.

Nearly 100 jobs are occupied by Indians, 21 by Pakistanis, six by Chinese and only 2 by Bangladeshis.

Councillors are now being urged to reserve 30 per cent of top jobs for non whites - and set recruitment quotas for different ethnic communities to apply a politically correct balance to the figures. …