Toll of Ulster's Young Victims; Anti-Terror Group's Statistics Reveal Horror of Terrorism

Article excerpt

MORE than 1,000 Ulster children were murdered, beaten, intimidated or exiled by terrorists this year according to Fait.

Statistics released by the anti-terror group claim that a total of 646 children have been subjected to inhuman treatment by terror groups supporting the peace process.

Of those, 604 have suffered at the hands of paramilitaries since the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.

The figures were compiled by Fait Development Officer Vincent McKenna, who pored through hundreds of cases referred to the group this year.

It is the first time the group has compiled a dossier specifically looking at child victims of the violence.

Fait's research found that:

127 children have been exiled from Northern Ireland with their families by the IRA in 1998, while 62 have been exiled by loyalists.

38 children were either beaten or forced to watch as the IRA beat up members of their family. The figure for loyalist terror groups was 17.

41 children were intimidated out of their own areas by the IRA while 54 were intimidated by loyalist groups.

15 children were either shot or saw members of their family shot in IRA punishment attacks, while seven children from Protestant areas endured the same treatment by loyalist groups.

In addition, Fait received help from the RUC and the DHSS in compiling the number of children directly affected by the Omagh bomb and other terrorist outrages throughout the year. …