Monday Books: A Golfing Feast Is Spoiled by the Lack of Daly, Fred; Virgin Book of Golf Records, by Virgin Publishing, Pounds 14.99

Article excerpt

CALL me a sensitive soul. But a great read of the latest and most comprehensive book on world golf was slightly tarnished when I browsed through a section dealing with the game in Ireland.

The potted history amazingly omits the name of late, great Fred Daly from a shortlist of "Most Famous Players".

It is an unfortunate oversight in the otherwise impressively detailed Virgin Book of Golf Records.

All you ever need to know about the global game is listed in alphabetic order.

Perhaps I'm being a slight spoilsport, but the small section on Ireland is lacking accuracy.

The top Irish courses named are Portmarnock, Lahinch and Ballybunion, the latter listed as being in Co Derry! There is no mention of Royal County Down nor Royal Portrush.

The Most Famous Players list features Harry Bradshaw, Joe Carr, Eamonn Darcy, Padraig Harrington, Christy O'Connor - Senior and Junior.

Quite apart from the unforgettable fact that Whistling Fred Daly remains the one and only Irish winner of the British Open (1947 at Hoylake) there's no place for Ronan Rafferty, David Feherty, our latest hero Darren Clarke, or ex-British amateur champion Garth McGimpsey.

However, in surname order, players such as Clarke, Rafferty, wise-cracking Feherty, and the legendary Daly are given attention elsewhere in the book. …