Ex-President Carter Backs Marketing Trip; Investment Blitzkrieg Hits Atlanta, Georgia

Article excerpt

FORMER US President Jimmy Carter has given his backing to the Industrial Development Board's 11-city marketing tour and called on American companies to explore trade and investment opportunities in the province.

In a letter to the IDB contingent in the US, the former President said he gave the initiative his "full support'', as it reached Atlanta, Georgia, his home state, on the ninth stage of the three-week North American investment tour.

"The signing of the Good Friday Agreement between all the parties in Northern Ireland was an historic achievement.

"The challenge now is to build from these commitments to make the goal of peace a reality. New opportunities have emerged for trade and investment in Northern Ireland."

Mr Carter continued: "It is my hope that business leaders in Georgia and the south-eastern United States will fully explore these new possibilities to expand their own enterprises and so by doping help the people of Northern Ireland build a better life for their children, based on mutual respect and prosperity. …