Plough Money into Storage for Spare Food

Article excerpt

AS a college student I was forced to partake in the "secret shame" of food dumping (Mercury, August 16) at a welnown supermarket for a meagre wage.

Five years later I find it appalling that the situation is only just being addressed.

Now a penniless university student, I could justifiably get into the queue along with those on income support for this excess food.

Realistically though, I can see that it is impossible for these companies to provide for such groups without a guarantee of safe storage. They should plough the money they would have spent on landfill tax into equipment for storage.

Investment in educational campaigns and research into food hygiene would also mean that a wider spectrum of people could safely benefit from the surplus.


Shirley, Solihull

Unjust gun ban

FIRST, let us put the cause of the terrible Dunblane tragedy into perspective.

Thomas Hamilton's firearm certificate was recommended to be revoked and the advice, according to reports, was ignored. As a result a senior police officer resigned. Therefore, the buck stops with those responsible for the licensing.

Second, the Government acted to appease a public outcry before the Cullen Report was completed. Indeed, the report did not recommend a blanket ban on handguns. As a result a minority of law-abiding handgun owners were unjustly penalised.

Nothing has been gained by a handgun ban. Virtually every firearm crime is committed with an unlicensed and illegal weapon. No amount of legislation will change this. The answer lies in a suitable deterrent for armed criminals, something that every Gover nment over the last three decades has pussyfooted around.

Contrary to the statement in the Mercury (Shotgun owners with a licence to kill, August 16) this Government has stated recently that it has no plans for further firearms legislation during this term.

Guns, like many other controversial issues, are a matter of tolerance. Just because we don't agree with something does not mean it should be banned.


Craven Arms, Shropshire

Brilliant Vince

ITHOROUGHLY enjoyed the article on Vince Hill.

He said he didn't like just being associated with the song Edelweiss.

Just as many Sinatra fans aren't too keen on My Way, I have always liked some of Vince's other songs more, like Indelible Memories, Heartaches, Roses of Picardy, Take Me to Your Heart Again and the lovely novelty number A Day at the Seaside.

I wish Vince would do more live concerts in Britain.


Aston, Birmingham

Shocking blast

THE Ulster bomb blast was so shocking, and very sad indeed.

Ireland is a beautiful place but so abused.



Therapy confusion

IN the Sunday Mercury of June 21, you reported on the case of Mayur Parmar, of Hall Green, Birmingham, who is trying to raise pounds 120,000 to have cell therapy treatment in the USA for his muscular dystrophy.

In that article, I was correctly quoted as saying that the treatment is unproven. Mr Parmar (Sunday Mercury, July 5) has taken issue with my view.

I believe he has misunderstood the role of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in Dr Law's cell therapy trials.

The FDA has ordered Dr Law to stop making safety and efficacy claims about his experimental muscular dystrophy therapy. …